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A broad range of in-depth capabilities and skills underpin our core expertise, our comprehensive management solutions, our asset management and our strategic business review services. Maya Asset Management's team has the flexibility to offer your business our full range of capabilities and skills, either as individual services or packages according to your specific requirements.

Investment Analysis

We would typically conduct an investment analysis over a five to ten-year timescale, depending on the level of your investment and required yield. Based on our extensive asset management expertise, we will factor in potential capital expenditure on maintenance and enhancements, allowing for potential increases in yield. If the existing asset is currently owner-managed, there may be additional revenues from enhanced occupancy by increased out-of-season use and secondary spend through upgrading of facilities. Margins can be driven up through efficiencies in operations, procurement and back-office costs.


Acquisition of new assets is a core element of managing your asset portfolio. We can support your acquisition activities over the complete lifecycle – from target identification, through financial analysis and due diligence, to post-acquisition integration at an operational level. Because our team has so much experience in acquiring assets, we fully understand the potential pitfalls, and have the capacity to run multiple acquisitions simultaneously. We also understand the importance of brand fit and the emotional intelligence of the staff.

We’ve seen all the ploys used by asset owners to maximise the sales price, so when we conduct due diligence, we’re extremely thorough. Our entire team will spend time with the target. And we don’t just commission a mechanical and electrical (M&E) survey; we send an electrician to the acquisition target to test all the circuits. We look at the customer base, even the past ten year’s insurance claims, and will negotiate a final sales price for you that reflects an outstanding investment for the real value of the asset. Once the sale is completed, the hard work begins, integrating the acquired asset into your portfolio and maximising your investment returns.


Accurate and timely financial information is fundamental to the effective management of an asset portfolio. We approach finance from both directions: high level analysis and reporting, as well as the finance function. At the operational end, assets under our management capture all transactions into our financial IT systems, with bought ledger/supplier management conducted by our specialist head office finance team. Management accounts and statutory financial reporting are all created centrally by our finance team on a monthly or more frequent basis, depending on your requirements.


Every member of our team has performed an operational role. So we don’t just produce strategies and plans – we implement them as well. We have the capabilities and skills to evaluate every aspect of your assets’ operational performance, create a performance improvement strategy if required, and implement that strategy hands-on. We have created a comprehensive set of operational processes and procedures that touch on every aspect of operations. These are rolled out to assets under our management, and can be adapted to your newly acquired assets.

Business Enhancement

Managed assets may often be underperforming because the existing facilities are underutilised. Alternatively, an asset owner may wish to increase yield through enhancing the facilities, in turn leading to greater revenues and higher margins. With an understanding of your target yield increase, we will assess and benchmark your current operation. Our team will then create and implement a business enhancement strategy to maximise the earnings potential and the return on your assets.

Management efficiencies

A combination of our skills, capabilities and operational expertise coupled with our buying power and economies of scale, can drive efficiencies throughout your business. You can choose to place your assets under our asset management services. Or if you wish to retain direct management, we can conduct audits to identify areas within your business where savings can be made, and assist you with the creation and implementation of a change programme that will embed management efficiencies.

Supplier negotiation

Suppliers are businesses too, and require ongoing monitoring and management to ensure pricing is optimised and service levels and quality standards are being maintained. Our team can review your existing supplier roster and contracts, renegotiate more favourable terms with keener pricing, and ensure consistent delivery of service level agreements. Placing your assets into our care will also ensure you benefit from our buying power and economies of scale.

IT & design

Your IT infrastructure underpins the introduction of management efficiencies, financial reporting and cash control, not to mention your digital marketing and customer service. We have created a range of highly efficient IT solutions that can be tailored to the specific requirements of your assets, allowing you to keep control of their performance.

You can chose to place your assets into our care under our asset management service and benefit from our highly competitive, cost efficient and secure cloud-based solutions. These are created for specific asset classes, such as holiday parks.

Sales & marketing

Your asset may have the best facilities in its class, but if your customers don’t know it exists, then you will not achieve your required yields. We will review your sales and marketing operation, your customers and demographics, plus the competition, and create a marketing strategy and campaign plan that will achieve your marketing and sales revenue objectives.

Our team can implement the campaigns by creating and project managing an agency roster, or we can work directly with your in-house sales and marketing personnel. In addition to longer term brand building, at short notice we can run effective tactical campaigns. For example, these might include a short-break promotion for a holiday park during a spell of unseasonably warm weather.

Food & beverage

Margins, menus, supplier negotiation, customer service, quality, kitchen equipment, cash management, fraud prevention, product placement, promotion; these are only some of the key factors you must get right first time to generate the maximum yield from your food and beverage operation.

To tackle your food and beverage operation challenges, several members of our team will play a role in auditing your existing ‘F&B’ operation, developing a fresh strategy and implementing the plan. Secondary spend on food and beverage and retail may be the only profit margin your asset returns, and we can improve it. Considerably.

Property development

Existing assets may have unrecognised or unrealised planning gains. These can lead to substantial non-operational yields from a portfolio through, for example, land sales or residential property development. For ‘going concern’ assets, the built environment must be maintained, repaired and replaced at end-of-life, all within a rigorous health and safety framework.

We can deliver full lifecycle planning, new build and enhancements, plus repairs and maintenance schedules, so that these are all factored in to your investment analysis. That way, there are no surprises when a facility, plant or piece of equipment requires significant expenditure.


An efficient and reliable communications infrastructure underpins the internal and external communications of your individual assets. It is also essential for communications between assets in the portfolio and your management function. Communications are increasingly integrated with IT, in which we have considerable expertise. And your external communications with customers and other stakeholders must be consistent and high quality across all channels, which is where our marketing expertise comes in.

Assets under our management benefit from our enhanced communications infrastructure and processes. If you manage your own asset portfolio, we can review your existing communications and deliver communications solutions that meet the needs of your operations.

Human resources (HR) solutions

There are two key aspects to human resources (HR) management. It can offer tools that will performance manage your staff to increase productivity and sales. And HR also ensures your operation is compliant with the huge range of employment, health and safety, equality and other legislation that impacts on your employees and workplace.

We can deliver a comprehensive HR solution to ensure that how your staff are managed combines motivation and engagement with productivity and compliance. We will analyse and develop solutions including everything from contracts, holidays, and health and safety to training, development and staff retention.

If you are acquiring or divesting assets, we are expert in Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations (TUPE) and can assist with the integration or restructuring of acquired workforces.


High quality and relevant information is essential for effective decision making. This is especially true when managing an asset portfolio, considering an acquisition or divestment, or simply to gain a greater understanding of the competitive space in which you operate.

We routinely access market data covering all the sectors in which we operate on behalf of our clients. If your assets are in the holiday park or hotel sector, for example, we can conduct bespoke research projects to provide business and marketing information to help you make decisions that will enhance the value and yield of your assets.

We can offer early stage investment analysis of the potential acquisition of a new asset, assist with the planning aspects of property development on a caravan park with expired site licences, or create and implement a marketing strategy and campaign plan for your hotel and restaurant complex.

For each of the individual capabilities we offer, a member of our team will conduct a site visit to your asset to complete an initial consultation. If your needs are likely to span more than one of our capabilities, you can expect a visit from all the relevant team members, who will audit your operation, establish your needs and propose an integrated solution.

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