"There is a lot of noise about strategy, which often drowns out the fundamental elements of success. Our analysis of the unique architecture of your business opportunities ensures that the right goal is always in sight."

Tania Duarte, Sales & Marketing Director

Centre Divider

We can complete a strategic business review of your asset portfolio. This can identify options for business enhancement, detail a rescue plan for distressed businesses or simply provide you with options to up your game. And we can back up the recommendations in our review with action, by applying our professional management solutions services and asset management services.

Our strategic business reviews start with a discovery and information-gathering process. We will visit and survey all your asset sites and your head office, if applicable. We also thoroughly review all your current documentation and financial data. Based on our knowledge of your sector, we will be looking to research and identify.

  • The key performance indicators that drive your sector, such as occupancy/tariff, secondary spend
  • Financial data and analysis of your assets
  • Your current portfolio and business strategies
  • The structure of your assets/businesses
  • Business risks and mitigation
  • What service excellence looks like
  • Your assets' core market and demogrpahic according classifications such as mosaic or arklesiure
  • Penetration by customer group
  • The positioning of your assets' services and brands; Marketing and sales
  • Employee profiles and engagement, based on employee surveys
  • IT infrastructure and systems
  • The physical condition of your assets' tangible assets and facilities

Our team will analyse the data and identify alternative strategies that will maximise the utilisation of your existing resources and the yield from your portfolio. If your portfolio is distressed, or you are considering an investment in a distressed business, the alternative strategies may include rapid divestments to generate investment capital for a turnaround. Conversely, if the motivation behind your strategic review is business enhancement, the alternative strategies may require investment in new facilities or capacity to create fresh revenue-generating assets.

Case Study: strategic review and future strategy for pontins

Shortly after the Pontins Holiday Park business went into administration in November 2010, Maya Asset Management was commissioned by the primary creditor Santander and administrator KPMG to conduct a strategic business review of the company's portfolio. We were tasked with establishing the current trading position of the each site and formulating a strategy for the future trading and improvement of the business. We were given two weeks to complete the project.

The process we adopted was as described above. Our entire team visited each of the five parks still trading, as well as the group's headquarters. We completed in-depth site surveys of the physical infrastructure, facilities and food and beverage operations. An employee survey was conducted and all head office financial and supplier records were reviewed. When not on the road or on site, our team researched competitor, marketing and customer data.

The output, delivered on time and to specification, was a thorough future strategy. It recommended divesting one of the parks to provide funding for the redevelopment and repositioning of initially one, and then subsequent parks as revenues and profits recovered. Our report was well received and highly praised, before Pontins was eventually sold to Britannia Hotels Group in January 2011.

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